Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Black History Heroes - Burke Elementary

March 11, 2014: Fourth and Fifth Grade Students at Burke Elementary perform a program honoring Black History Heroes.  These videos are from the afternoon program AKA final rehearsal.  Part one includes the program introduction by Mrs. Snook and the first song, "Ordinary Heroes."

The first hero honored was Harriet Tubman.  This song is called, "Follow the Drinking Gourd."

Part three, in which Holly Ort and Fernando C. tell us about Jackie Robinson.  There were technical difficulties, so the first part was cut off.  The students then sang "Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball," which was a clear favorite!

Rosa Parks was the next honoree.  Her song was called, "Rosa Roll On."

Sadly, after Rosa's song, my phone was out of room for videos.  Our librarian has a long video of the whole program that can be found at




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