Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ainsley's Big Spring

This has been a very eventful spring for Ainsley!
First, she turned 13! Here are a few shots from her party:

Ainsley + delicious chocolate cake made by Grandma Judy

Ainsley + Cake + Candles + Friends

Party Guests:

Jarom showing off:

Ainsley + Presents

After we dispensed with the cake and presents, we broke out the nail polish! It was a load of fun to paint nails with such a large group, but I am afraid there are no pictures of the melee. You'll have to use your imagination!

After the excellent birthday, Ainsley had an orchestra concert:

The 7th Grade Orchestra played very well. Here is a video of Dragon Hunter, their final piece:

Finally, Ainsley was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. Congratulations Ainsley!

Ainsley + Allison


  1. Link to more videos from the orchestra concert:

  2. At first, I assumed the birthday pics were taken at your moms. Those first two pictures threw me off-- then I saw the the next ones and realized they were taken in your house. I scrolled back to the first ones and realized why I didn't recognize the location. It's the table! You have a new kitchen table!
    I'm always impressed at how well beginning level orchestras can sound. I was pretty impressed when I went to Emma's concert as well. String istruments are the most difficult to play in tune-- putting your finger even a milimeter too far to the left or right will put you off pitch. So I'm impressed when 30 or 40 beginning level students can do as well as they do. Tell Ainsley congratulations!

  3. That's actually the same kitchen table, just minus the leaf so it is round instead of oval. We decided that we needed floor more than table for that day!

    And I will pass that on to Ainsley! I love to see the progress as they get better each year!

  4. I can't show off on that spot of the wall anymore. If I do it starts cracking.

    Hi, mom!