Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chloe's Big Day

May 27, 2011: Burke Elementary Fifth Grade Graduation

Chloe before school, ready to knock'em dead:

As usual, Chloe was ready right on time, so we even had time to take more than one picture!

The Fifth Grade Procession

Mr. Klapmeyer was the MC for the event. First, he introduced the Burke Honor Choir. This year's fifth grade class was the first to have the opportunity to audition for the honor choir. Next year's choir has been chosen, and so the incoming fourth graders got to perform with the graduating fifth grade choir. Ms. Potter, the music teacher, has created a really great program for our kids! They opened with "Watch As We Walk On Our Way."

Mr. Klapmeyer shared a few thoughts before the certificates were presented to the students:

One by one, each teacher introduced their class and presented a certificate to each student. Mr. Norgren's remarks:

Chloe received her certificate in record time (or maybe the photographer needs some training. . . or a tripod to hold the camera steady)

Chloe exits, stage left

Chloe zooms back to her seat

Mr. Wadlow, Assistant Principal, shares a few thoughts:

The Honor Choir closed with "Eye of the Tiger," which has become a theme song for the Burke Elementary Tigers

The After Party in Mr. Norgren's room:

The Graduate

The Graduate and The Teacher

The Graduate and The Brother