Monday, March 14, 2011

Pageant of Bands

Every spring we look forward to the Pageant of Bands. All of our school bands, from 5th through 12th grade, perform at the same concert. It is really a great opportunity to see how far the student musicians can progress in just a few short years. When I was the parent of a fifth grader, listening to the high school band gave me hope that it would not always be so painful! Now, as a parent of an 8th grader, I am surprised at how far my son (and his classmates) have come! And there is still room to grow.

Fifth Grade - Ode To Joy: One thing that was especially impressive this year was the SIZE of the bands. The Pageant of Bands was moved to the high school to accommodate a larger crowd and more students due to the reorganization of our district last year. So, instead of four schools-worth of fifth graders playing together, eight schools were combined. The fifth grade band was huge!

8th & 9th Grade - His Honor March: In this song, Jarom is playing the marimba. It's the first time we've been able to really see and hear him play on the marimba. He's played it many times, just usually at the back and very softly.

Triumphal Overture - Jarom plays the timpani in this song. Wow - we can see and hear him again! Mr. Tope, the director, mentioned before this song that many students had volunteered to learn a new instrument so their band would have better instrumentation. The young man playing the tuba (easily visible in a red sweater when I focus on Jarom in the video) is one of them, as well as the young women on bass clarinet.

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