Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Great Video: Both thought provoking and entertaining

I found this as www.angela-stevens.com. I am one who has also changed my position on abortion. In college, I was very strongly pro-choice (or really, pro-let-us-have-abortions-if-we-want-em. When I thought through the issue, I really couldn’t come up with a good reason why I wouldn’t consider a baby, a baby, after conception. But I was really sympathetic with those who got pregnant at the wrong time and I thought it might be better for those babies to not be born into an awful situation where they were not wanted. I was also very worried about what I would personally do if faced with that situation. I was terrified of getting pregnant and certain I never would or could want children.

A religious conversion really opened my mind to the possibility that I was terribly, terribly wrong. I still struggled with the issue for a short time after my that, but a great lesson on the importance of choice really helped me. That was a sticking point for me: choice IS important. But I had not noticed before how that phrase “pro-choice” has been used and misused are really pro-abortion. Outlawing abortion, or even stating directly that it is wrong, does not remove anyone's choice. The choice doesn't have to be between abortion or not abortion. The chocie can also be between having unmarried sex or not. . . or having unprotected sex or not. . . or keeping the baby or finding an adoptive family.

When it comes right down to it, the so-called pro-choice people are not any more about choice than the pro-life people. Those who call themselves pro-choice don’t just want us to be able to CHOOSE whether or not to have abortions, they are actually getting into the business of insisting that young, frightened, confused women DO have abortions, with as little information provided to them as possible. These young women live with the regret (and the depression and the nightmares and the physical reminders) of their abortion for the rest of their life. There is not a medical procedure in the world that you can consent to without being well informed first. . . except abortion. Where is the choice? If it is really okay and what is being killed is not a baby but a fetus or even a “lump of cells”, what could possibly be lost by giving information about the procedure and about alternatives. . . good grief, I was given information and alternatives when I had a mole removed from my neck, and I kept my clothes on for that procedure.

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  1. That video was incredibly entertaining. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)